Often referred to as PE, it is the simplest of the synthetic polymers and the most common of the plastics.

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Polyethylene is a thermoplastic resin

Polyethylene, usually extruded or pressed, is a cost-effective material with good chemical properties, high workability, and low hardness.

It has a high resistance to chemicals, absorbs little water, and has good electrical properties.

Ideal for temperatures between – 40°C and + 80°C, PE is resistant to water, salt solutions, acids, alkalis, alcohol, and petrol. Below 60°C, PE is insoluble in all organic solvents. 

PE is odorless, tasteless, and physiologically harmless. It is, therefore, suitable for use in the food industry. Due to its non-polarity and low adhesiveness, PE is difficult to bond and decorate. Weld PE using conventional welding systems. Print, paint, or bond PE surfaces using contact adhesives after treating with oxidative plasma, luminescent discharge, oxidative flame, ozone, or in a chromic acid solution. When mechanically processing PE, take care that the material does not overheat.

Fields of application of Polyethylene

Most industries such as chemical, electrical, advertising, and food industries use PE. The mechanical industry uses it for semi-finished products for tooling, such as solid rounds, drilled rounds, pipes, and sheets. The chemical industry uses it for bins, containers, pump components, sliding elements, rollers, gears, guides, and cutting boards.

For the production of fuel oil containers and fuel tanks, use certain types of high-density PE. 


Food compatibility FDA – ECC 90/128 (for colored types only, this must be confirmed from time to time).


PE 300 – Polyethylene 300

Polyethylene with p.m. 300,000 has similar qualities to PE 500 but is higher in rigidity and lower in resistance to repeated impacts. It is approved to come into contact with food. Its use is similar to PE 500, where a slightly stiffer material is required.

PE 500 – Polyethylene 500

Polyethylene with 500,000 molecules is approved to come into contact with food, has a low specific weight, and a very low coefficient of friction. These characteristics, its good impact strength, and low price guarantee its use in various fields such as in the food and beverage industry, in the construction of conveyors, slideways, stairs, and much more.

PE 1000 – Polyethylene 1000 

Polyethylene 1000, otherwise known as polyethylene 1,000,000, combines the benefits of PE 500 (use in the food industry, low coefficient of friction, and low specific weight) with high impact resistance. It is suitable for use in damp environments or contact with water, as it is a non-hygroscopic material. It is used for the construction of screws and mechanical parts when good smoothness and resistance are required.

PE-UHMW (PE 1000)

The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has the following characteristics:

Main applications include coatings, curves and chain guides, material handling, harbor wing construction, nuclear industry. PE-UHMW is available in other colors and reclaimed quality.

PE-HMW (PE 500) PE-HD (PE 300)

Main applications include the food industry and nuclear industry.

PE-HMW is Available in other colors and regenerated quality.

PE-HD (PE 300)

High-density polyethylene has the following characteristics:

Main applications include tanks and equipment for the chemical industry.

Other densities

PE UHMW 6000 Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
PE UHMW 9000 Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Special PE

PE 6000 STAT Antistatic
PE 9000 GL0B high wear resistance with glass micro beads
PE 9000 H.T.R. high long-term temperature resistance
PE 6000 MoS2 optimised for wear and smoothness
PE 9000 + oil low coefficient of friction

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