Particolari a disegno in plastica

Mechanical Machining

Your design, your shape, your
component made of the most suitable plastic material

VR PLAST manufactures custom-made plastic parts for industry.

Thanks to their mechanical properties, insulating properties and excellent chemical inertia, plastics are ideal for various applications.

Starting from the choice of the most suitable plastic material for the individual project, VRPLAST supports the customer in shaping a technically reliable and economically viable solution.

For the food, pharmaceutical, packaging, agricultural machinery, building and furnishing sectors, VRPLAST has developed specific skills that enable it not only to supply parts manufactured with high precision, but also targeted consultancy to optimise materials and production processes.

In-depth knowledge of plastic materials, more than 20 years’ experience in processing and state-of-the-art machinery allow VRPLAST to meet the needs of its customers for the production of customised parts in plastic materials.

VR PLAST can offer its customers a consultancy service and machining of customised plastic parts. These processes are carried out using state-of-the-art machinery specific for the cold processing of plastic materials sector.

Plastic parts: examples and details

Examples of machined products are: flanges, rings, gears and racks, buffers, portholes, sliding plates, chain guides, profiles, curves, guards, etc.


VR PLAST wants to meet your every need: before carrying out the entire job we are available to assess the feasibility with you.

Tempi di produzione standard

Standard production time

On-time delivery of processed material is expected within 3-4 weeks after your order. We deliver worldwide.

Tempi di produzione standard

Ultra-fast service for emergencies

We can handle your emergencies according to the production time needed for the part you require.

Tempi di produzione standard

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