Polyethylene PE

Often referred to as PE, it is the simplest of the synthetic polymers and the most common of the plastics.

Polyamide (Nylon®)


Standard and special types - impact and wear resistance, good electrical insulation, resistance to solvents, oils, greases and fuels


Fibral with glass fibers; lighter and more corrosion resistant. Anticordal alloy with good corrosion resistance and workability.

Acetal Resin

POM-C is suitable for machining on automatic lathes and is particularly recommended for the manufacture of precision parts.


Why choose VRPLAST

For over 20 years, VR PLAST has been offering services in the processing of plastic materials. We produce customised parts of any size for any industrial sector. Our structure can handle orders of quantities from a single piece to large-scale industrial production.

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Our Machines

MILLING: 5 axis control pantographs and other machines to give the best tolerance and precision to your workpiece.

TURNING: we execute any part with turning operations.

BENDING: we make bent guards and casings in PC and PMMA.

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Tempi di produzione standard

Standard production time

On-time delivery of processed material is expected within 3-4 weeks after your order. We deliver worldwide.

Tempi di produzione standard

Ultra-fast service for emergencies

We can handle your emergencies according to the production time needed for the part you require.

Tempi di produzione standard

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