Our Machines

for milling, turning and bending operations


Milling up to 5 axes:
minimum tolerance, maximum precision.

  • Routech 5-axis CNC machining center
    working table 2160 × 5000 mm
  • SCM Accord 40 5-axis CNC machining center
    working plane 1560 × 3650 mm
  • SCM Accord 25 5-axis CNC machining center
    working plane 1560 × 3650 mm
  • SCM 4-axis CNC machining center
    working plan 1500 × 3000 mm
  • Protek 3-axis CNC machining center
    working plane 2050 × 4100 mm

We also have a vertical panel saw, a spindle moulder, a thickness planer, a traditional milling drill and a traditional milling machine.


Thanks to our specialized workshop we perform any piece with turning operations.


We produce protections and bent carters both in PC (Polycarbonate) and in PMMA (Methacrylate).

Tempi di produzione standard

On-time deliveries

Punctual delivery of the processed material is expected within 2-3 weeks after your order. We deliver worldwide.

Tempi di produzione standard

Ultra-fast service for emergencies

We are able to handle your emergencies according to the production time required for the requested part.

Tempi di produzione standard

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