Plastics Catalogue

The constant evolution in machinery construction in all industrial sectors has considerably increased the demand for plastic components.
The main sectors are foodstuffs (packaging, bottling, dairy, bakery) and packaging, machinery for agriculture, construction, and furniture.



Often referred to as PE, it is the simplest of the synthetic polymers and the most common of the plastics.

Polyamide (Nylon®)


Standard and special types - impact and wear resistance, good electrical insulation, resistance to solvents, oils, greases and fuels

Acetal resin

POMC Resina acetalica

POM-C is suitable for machining on automatic lathes and is particularly recommended for the manufacture of precision parts.

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET, PET TF (+PTFE) chemical resistance, high temperature performance, self-extinguishing, quick moulding. Suitable for food contact.



This material withstands high thermal stress and chemical aggression more than other polymers. It is used when no other polymer can meet the application requirements.

Polyvinyl Chloride


PVC is one of the most versatile, cheapest and most widely used plastics. It is appreciated for its resistance to liquids, gases and vapours, insulation properties, stability and durability.



Among the polypropylene types, the most interesting one is isotactic polypropylene, a semi-crystalline polymer characterised by high tensile strength, low density, and good thermal and abrasion resistance.



Because of its high strength, transparency, incredible heat resistance and dimensional stability, polycarbonate is one of the most popular engineering thermoplastics for new applications.

Methacrylate (Plexiglass)

Methacrylate Plexiglass

It is used to manufacture safety glass and similar items, accident prevention equipment, furniture or architectural objects in general.



Excellent electrical and thermal insulation, it has excellent physical and mechanical properties in terms of compression, bending and impact strength. Self-lubricating and highly wear-resistant, it has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures.

Bakelite cloth

tela bachelizzata

For washers, silent gears and cogs, and various parts for all industries. Excellent electrical and mechanical resistance, it remains unaltered up to 120°.

HPL Laminate

HPL Laminate

Ideal for all the processes where a combination of strength and design is required.

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